Plan to attend one of our informative seminars. Bring a friend and in 45 minutes you will learn about:

  • Alternatives to the Stock Market with Guaranteed Safety!
  • Alternatives to low CD rates, as much as 6.88% first year!
  • Long Term Care How do I stay at Home and Who Pays for this?
  • Reducing taxes on Social Security, Dividends
    and Interest income 2011 changes in Medicare
  • Transferring Wealth to your family while eliminating taxes
  • Medicaid issues related to home and family farm ownership
  • 3 Actions that can enhance, conserve and protect your retirement savings
  • How do I protect my Money in this Marketplace?

We look forward to meeting you and your friends.

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Adult Friends and Family are also welcome to attend!
Our educational seminars are informational only
Leave Your Checkbooks at Homeā€¦Nothing will be sold at this dinner engagement!

No purchase is required to attend this event
Dinner is provided for attending this event. You are
required to make reservations in order to attend.

Organized by the Alexander Group