Planning a trip to Acapulco can be overwhelming. We share some top travel tips and spots you should visit during your stay in this blog post. Whether you are looking for hotels, flights or activities, we have you covered! In this blog post, we cover all the must-know details about planning a successful trip to Acapulco from Kansas City!

Kansas City to Acapulco Distance

There are best things to do while traveling in Acapulco. But first, know a lot about Acapulco before you go there, like how many miles would it be if you drove?

Kansas City to Acapulco distance is covered in detail in the next few paragraphs below. Learn more about how long it would take to drive there with nonstop driving time and total miles from Kansas City to Acapulco if you want your trip to be as seamless as possible. Plus read about some delicious restaurants here in Kansas city!

Kansas City to Acapulco drive

Nonstop drive: 1,903 miles or 3063 km

Driving time: 30 hours, 56 minutes

Acapulco Mexican Restaurants in Kansas City

Want to try some traditional, authentic Mexican dishes? There’s a wide variety for any type of palate. Discover the best and most authentic Mexican Restaurants in Kansas City. Here are the top 5 best restaurants on our list:

  1. The Corner Lalo’s Kitchen
  2. GG’s Barbacoa Cafe
  3. El Pollo Rey
  4. El Gallo Mexican Food
  5. Bonito Michoacan

Restaurant AT Acapulco Bay in Kansas City

Think of all the Mexican dishes you’ve never eaten before, and now imagine a restaurant that offers them. Check out this restaurants at Acapulco Bay in Kansas City for your next culinary adventure!

  • BellaVista
  • El Gran Recuerdo
  • Siboney Piano Bar
  • Acapulco Mexican Grill
  • Dos Reales Authentic Mexican Restaurant