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Medicare Supplement

DecisionsDid you know that even if you do not have health problems now, you need to realize that a healthcare crisis can happen at a seconds notice? Also, the fact is that the costs of healthcare are skyrocketing.

With a Medicare Supplement, the most comprehensive plans that cover more of the Medicare expenses are “Plan F and G.”

Medicare Supplement plan “F” picks up most of the Medicare approved amounts with zero out of your pocket. Plan “G” is similar to Plan “F” except it does not include the Part B deductible. The out of pocket is that deductible, which for 2015 is $147 once a year. These plans tend to have a higher premium due to their coverage. It’s best to compare plans early during the “Open Enrollment” time frame that happens once a year.

For the best coverage, a once a year examination of your plan is in your best interest. Evaluate services and drugs that are prescribed to make sure the plan you are on still covers these areas.

Still confused? Give us a call! Our informed Agents can explain the differences in all the plans and who participates in them for your best coverage and value.   913) 451-0404. We’re here to serve YOU!




Kansas City Royals: 2015 World Series Champions

2015 World Series Champions

Congratulations to our Kansas City Royals on a FANTASTIC Season!!!



Long Term Care

Long Term CareMany people think the phrase: “Long Term Care” refers to an insurance policy. While insurance may be part of your strategy, Long Term Care can cover everything from long-term services and supports and finances, to where you will live and how you will navigate the many facets of legal, family, and social issues for the duration of your life.

Did you know:  Long term care is not medical care, but assistance with the personal activities of everyday life: such as eating, bathing, using the bathroom, dressing, getting in and out of a chair or bed, etc.? Long term care can also cover shopping (for groceries or clothes), cooking meals, taking medicine, and housework, communicating with your doctors, managing your finances, and taking care of your pets.

Just how much Long Term Care a person will need depends on your needs over a span of time. Women will need Long Term Care longer than men since they statically live longer. Twenty percent of 65 year olds today will need Long Term Care insurance for longer than 5 years. And, overall, more people will need Long Term Care for at home services rather than in facilities.

Just who will pay for your Long Term Care? If you think Medicare will cover everything for you, well, think again! Medicare only pays for Long Term Care if you need rehabilitative care or skilled services. (In a Nursing Home-the maximum stay in a nursing home is 100 days, At home-only if you are receiving skilled home health or in home services)

Medicare DOES NOT PAY for non-skilled assistance with daily living activities that usually make up most of Long Term Care services. Under the Medicare Program-you will have to pay for Long Term Care services that aren’t covered by your public or private insurance coverage. Long story short: Medicare only pays for Long Term Care for a very short time.

And, the Medicaid Program WILL pay the largest part of Long Term Care services, but your income must be BELOW a certain level to qualify, and you MUST MEET minimum state eligibility requirements.

The amount of Long Term Care insurance depends on each individual circumstance. Most of the Long Term Care services are used in the home. The best choice for your Long Term Care needs would be a mix of care. Many policies will cover community service organizations, home care services, assisted living, nursing homes, adult day centers, transportation services, home visiting therapists to name a few.

There are so many varieties of policies available that the choices can be quite confusing. A qualified agent can help you sort through the long list of options and provide you with the best coverage for your situation. We are happy to assist you. Give us a call today!

Honest Insurance Agents

honesty in an agent

First and foremost, the Agent should be Honest! The Agent needs to be honest in all facets of  life since they represent a good solid Company with high standards. The Agent represents both the Company and the client.

The Agent should explain, in detail, the product that is being presented. Working for a reputable, honest company means that the Agent only sells the best available product. It may not be the cheapest, but by obtaining the best suited line of insurance, you end up with quality coverage and an Agent that you can trust.

The Agent should believe in what he sells. He should have the integrity to do the right thing. Offer only those products that will benefit his client. The Agent should know every clause and benefit of the contract, and be able to offer a good fit for the client. The consequences of not being honest could actually hurt a company in the long run.  

The Agent is only able to provide the best coverage and advice when their clients are totally honest and present complete health information to them. Without all of the facts, the Insurance Agency can’t present the best value and coverage for the client. Being honest with your Insurance Agent saves time and irritation. Being honest in the process means pricing is accurate and if there are claims filed down the road: the process will run smoothly. Communication is key!

The Agent should be available for his clients, have the energy and vision to pursue the very best product for the client.

This is what American Senior Benefits is all about: Honesty and serving the client. If this  sounds like what you seek in an Insurance Agent: give us a call. No Pressure, just honest men and women serving people that want the very best coverage for the best price available.