Big Island is one of the most popular destinations for residents in Kansas City, Missouri. The island offers a variety of gorgeous beaches and lush greenery that can’t be found anywhere else in America’s heartland. Whether you are looking to book an all-inclusive stay or just need help booking your flight, we’ve got you covered with our list of tips!

The first step is getting started by deciding when you want to go and what type of experience you’re after. If you’re trying to find flights while making your travel plans, then it’s important to know which airlines fly there as well as their prices for different dates and times. Once you have figured out where and when you want to go, it’s time.

Kansas City to Big Island in Hawaii

If you’re looking for a new travel destination, look no further than the beautiful island of Big Island. Located in Hawaii, this is an ideal spot for those who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s also perfect for those who love nature and adventure. With its stunning beaches and lush rainforest, it’s hard not to fall in love with Big Island. The people are friendly too – they’ll welcome you with open arms when you arrive at their doorstep. And best of all, there’s plenty to do while on vacation here! From surfing lessons to horseback riding excursions, there is something for everyone on this island paradise.

What to pack? We recommend bringing a swimsuit, sunglasses and some sunscreen. Big Island is known for its sunny weather so be sure to bring appropriate clothing – the humidity can get pretty high during certain months of the year! Be advised that visitor centres may have limited hours in areas with less tourism, so it’s wise to prepare for this too.

Flights from Kansas City to the Big Island, Hawaii

Find the perfect getaway package from our selection of international flights to Big Island, Hawaii:

● Delta Airlines’ flights from Kansas City International Airport to Kona, Hawaii with a flight time of almost 15 hours.

● United Airline’s flights from Kansas City International Airport to Hilo, Big Island (Hawaii) and Kauai, Hawaii with a flight time of 17 hours or less. Be sure to check the baggage policy for these airlines before booking your ticket!

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