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Year: 2020

Does Insurance Cover CBD Oil? Here’s the Info

At The Alexander Group, we are all well aware of the lingering concern of insurance coverage for CBD oil products. In fact, some of us here in the office use CBD oil regularly, and wish that we could report that insurance covers CBD oil costs. However, the truth is that most CBD oil products are not covered by most insurance companies.

There are several reasons why your favorite CBD products are not covered by insurance. For one, CBD is derived from hemp (also known as marijuana) which is a contentious debate around the country as to whether the cannabis plant should be removed from a Schedule I drug in the United States. Partly because of this, the FDA has only approved one drug (at the time of this writing) and medical insurance regularly follows the FDA.

Insurance Overage for Epidolex

Since the FDA has approved Epidiolex, you may be covered by health insurance depending on your plan. This is exciting news for users of Epidiolex as you can receive insurance coverage. It is also exciting as it might foreshadow the FDA’s stance to approve additional CBD products in the future.

Future Implications

We are all watching the CBD industry as it promises to become a billion dollar industry this decade, and it proving to be a useful alternative health option. Specifically, the CBD water soluble benefits seem promising as well as topical cream enhancements. We will continue to watch the market, and report on new discoveries as it affects this growing concern in the local market.

Spring has sprung in Kansas City

Howdy, good folks in KC! With the weather changing, we’re excited to report to you that it seems like Spring has arrived early this year.

I don’t know about you, but at our office, we have been anticipating the Spring for several weeks. Ever since the Chiefs Super Bowl Parade, our office can’t wait for warm weather to arrive and for more outdoor activities to be available.

We’re hopeful for an enjoyable series of weather patterns, however, we also realize the truth that life is unpredictable. That’s where protecting you and your family with insurance comes in handy. Feel free to contact us for more details.

But in the meantime, we are really excited for this year — it’s the start of the new decade! We’ve gone ahead with preparing our next corporate pictures by scheduling a date with the Kansas City professional photographers so that we can get our corporate photos this year.

Moving Forward

We’re going to get better at posting more updates on this blog, as we know many of you want to be in-the-know. It’s better to think ahead– that’s what we say, anyway! To assist in our regular updates on the site, we have hired a wonderful blogger named, Samantha! She will be our go-to to help source content, and keep you all updated regularly moving forward.

Have a great week ahead!

Helping Hand In Action with Moving Company Insurance

When people think of finding a local insurance company to help them protect them against risk, many thoughts come to mind in the eyes of the consumer. According to the US Census Data, there are numerous reasons for national moves. In this post, we want to provide you with a perspective for how our insurance can help you against unplanned risks for your business.

Moving Companies Insurance

Over the years, we have helped many companies across the nation to insure their business and protect them from unplanned catastrophes. Moving companies face unique challenges. As a moving company, consumers need to trust the moving company to assist in transporting goods (including furniture, family heirlooms, etc) from one location to another location. Moving company owners are facing a risk of damaging goods and risk for unplanned accidents along the way. For this reason, it’s vitally important for business owners to be protected against risks by having a certificate of insurance from their moving company.

Moving Company Certificate of Insurance

With a certificate of insurance, the moving company is able to better protect themselves and their clients against risks during their normal business operations. There are other factors such as the the amount of coverage provided with each certificate of insurance, but we want to showcase a real example to give you a better perspective for how this plays out in real life.

A Move from LA to KC

When an entrepreneur decided to move his company from Los Angeles to Kansas City, logistics in moving his headquarters came to mind. After putting the initial plans into action, he noticed that the plans for his move needed to be reconsidered due to the potential risk that his secretary identified midway-through the transition.

Verify Certificate of Insurance

The secretary, upon requesting the national moving company’s certificate of insurance, was dumbfounded when she realized the certificate couldn’t be furnished. This affected the entire project with the company’s move, that they had to find a different moving company because protecting assets during the move (with an active certificate of insurance from the moving company) was vital during the move of the company headquarters.

The company decided to switch over to the Long Beach moving company which then furnished the needed certificate of insurance to help them transition from Los Angeles to Kansas City. With this in place, the company transitioning to KC, could have more peace of mind with their move due to the certificate of insurance with the new moving company.

Protecting Your Company, Too

If you’re in a similar situation, we can help you, too. Companies of all types might be facing the same issue — how to ensure your assets are protected during an important transition. For these reasons, you can contact us to understand more about the important factors to consider during your transition. We look forward to serving you!