Booking Your Trip for a Maui Getaway

Do you want to go on a Maui getaway? If so, then you should be booking your trip soon. There are many factors that come into play when planning for this type of vacation. How far away is the airport from where you live? When are the best times to fly out? In this blog post we will answer these questions and more!

Kansas City to Maui, Hawaii

Amazing destinations. Incredible memories. You will never find out what you are missing until you get off the grid!

In this blog post we share details for planning your trip to Maui when you are departing from Kansas City, Missouri. Maui is a beautiful travel destination for many residents living in Kansas City. It is a tropical island with the best beaches. We will share some top tips for booking travel arrangements including flights, all inclusive stays and must see spots during your trip to Maui. Learn about the best times of the year to book your trip by reading our article below.

How far is Kansas City to Maui, Hawaii?

Do you want to know the distance from Kansas City, Missouri to Maui, Hawaii? It’s 3,828 miles.

How far is Kansas City from Maui Airport

Kahului Airport (OGG) is the Maui’s main airport. There are two smaller commuter airports as well: Kapalua Airport (JHM) in West Maui and Hana Airport (HNM) in East Maui. Many airlines offer non-stop flights direct to Maui.

Distance from Kansas City to Kahului Airport is 3,830 miles.

Flights from Kansas City, MO to Maui, Hawaii

Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, we can help ensure that you find it on this special island home.

 A lot of people flock there in June and July because they know it’s less crowded but still warm enough for a beautiful beach vacation. Why not plan your trip for September when you can enjoy cooler temperatures without the crowds?

What airlines fly from Kansas City to Maui, Hawaii?

  • American Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • United Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines

Flight time from Kansas City to Maui, Hawaii

The flying time would depend on which airlines will you choose for your trip. It could range from 11 to 16 hours and there could be one or two stopovers on this journey. 

Time difference between Maui and Kansas City

Do you know the time difference between Maui and Kansas City?

Kansas City time is 5 hours ahead of Maui.

Airfare Kansas City to Maui

Looking to book flights to your dream destination?

Booking early will give you access to lower airfare prices since there are more seats available on planes at this time. The climate is nice with warm days that aren’t too hot and cool nights where you need an evening jacket; however, rain does happen every now and then here which makes everything green again after periods of drought. There are many things to do if you’re trying to book activities – but we’ll share what the best days would be for each one so you can plan accordingly!

International flights may be cheaper on Tuesdays or Saturdays. Domestic flights might cost less if they leave Monday through Thursday. And don’t forget to consider a weekday morning departure over a daytime one! 

No more worrying about how much money to spend on flights because these tickets are surprisingly affordable. Check out cheap flights from Kansas City to Maui here.

Military discount flight from Kansas City to Maui

What better way to thank our military for the sacrifices they make than by showing our appreciation? 

It’s never easy when they have to move away from their families because of deployment but it can be made easier with affordable travel rates. You may find the best airfare deals for military from Kansas City to Maui here.

You deserve a vacation, come see what you’ve been missing out on in Maui! Book now and enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

Book Your Kauai Dream Vacation from Kansas City, MO

How would you like to spend your vacation on a tropical island, in the warm climate of Hawaii? Kauai is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive getaway or want to explore this island at your own pace, Kauai has something for everyone. In this blog post, we share some helpful tips and tricks for booking your trip. You’ll find out about flight deals from Kansas City as well as how to prepare before you depart by packing essential items!

Kansas City to Lihue, Kauai

Kauai is a tropical island with beautiful beaches and lots of wildlife, it’s perfect for those who are looking to relax on vacation. Kauai’s climate is perfect all year round. But each season offers something different: sunny summer days, lush tropical spring and fall foliage, or winter wonderland with its white sand beaches and palm trees covered in snow!

The top things to do in Kauai include hiking up Waimea Canyon (or any of many other hikes), driving down scenic Polihua Road or enjoying all that Hanalei has to offer. You can also take advantage of some incredible water activities when visiting Kauai – kayaking around Poipu Beach for example!

Flights from Kansas City to Kauai

Get ready for an escape that will take your breath away! And be sure to pack essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit, flip flops and camera before you depart!

In order to get the best deals on flights we recommend booking as early as possible and be flexible with dates/destinations. Know how long flight time is by checking out these flights from Kansas City to Kauai:

  • United Airlines: 25 hours and 34 minutes or less with one stop
  • Delta Airlines: 15 hours and 7 minutes with two stops
  • American Airlines: 13 hours and 27 minutes with one stop
  • Alaska Airlines: 11 hours and 40 minutes with one stop

Cheapest Flights from Kansas City to Kauai

Kauai is an island that can be visited all year round. If you’re looking for the best time of year to travel, it’s up to your personal preference.  Some people prefer going in the fall because there’s less chance of rain while others don’t mind crowds as long as it is warm enough outside. Choose what works for you!

Best times of the year to book your trip: The off season is a great time for deals on airfare and accommodation. Book around late September or October for the cheapest prices, but we also recommend booking flights no later than eleven months before your desired departure date to snag a great deal on airfare!

Book a cheap, nonstop flight to Hawaii here.

Airfare Kansas City, MO to Lihue, Kauai

Check out our curated list of airlines and prices based on weekday flight date:

  • United Airlines: $459
  • Delta Airlines: $489
  • American Airlines: $644
  • Alaska Airlines: $415

Book your Kauai dream vacation from Kansas City, Missouri today!

A Guide to Planning Your Trip to Big Island from Kansas City

Big Island is one of the most popular destinations for residents in Kansas City, Missouri. The island offers a variety of gorgeous beaches and lush greenery that can’t be found anywhere else in America’s heartland. Whether you are looking to book an all-inclusive stay or just need help booking your flight, we’ve got you covered with our list of tips!

The first step is getting started by deciding when you want to go and what type of experience you’re after. If you’re trying to find flights while making your travel plans, then it’s important to know which airlines fly there as well as their prices for different dates and times. Once you have figured out where and when you want to go, it’s time.

Kansas City to Big Island in Hawaii

If you’re looking for a new travel destination, look no further than the beautiful island of Big Island. Located in Hawaii, this is an ideal spot for those who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s also perfect for those who love nature and adventure. With its stunning beaches and lush rainforest, it’s hard not to fall in love with Big Island. The people are friendly too – they’ll welcome you with open arms when you arrive at their doorstep. And best of all, there’s plenty to do while on vacation here! From surfing lessons to horseback riding excursions, there is something for everyone on this island paradise.

What to pack? We recommend bringing a swimsuit, sunglasses and some sunscreen. Big Island is known for its sunny weather so be sure to bring appropriate clothing – the humidity can get pretty high during certain months of the year! Be advised that visitor centres may have limited hours in areas with less tourism, so it’s wise to prepare for this too.

Flights from Kansas City to the Big Island, Hawaii

Find the perfect getaway package from our selection of international flights to Big Island, Hawaii:

● Delta Airlines’ flights from Kansas City International Airport to Kona, Hawaii with a flight time of almost 15 hours.

● United Airline’s flights from Kansas City International Airport to Hilo, Big Island (Hawaii) and Kauai, Hawaii with a flight time of 17 hours or less. Be sure to check the baggage policy for these airlines before booking your ticket!

Book your trip now and put it on your calendar!

Kansas City to Riviera Maya: Planning Your Trip of a Lifetime

Whether you’re a resident of Kansas City or just visiting for the first time, Riviera Maya is a beautiful travel destination. Whether you’re looking to stay on the beach or explore one of the many Mayan ruins, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy. Take some time to learn about what makes this region so special with our top tips before booking your trip!

Flights from Kansas City to Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is a perfect destination for travelers looking for luxury and excitement. You can stay in amazing resorts, drink delicious margaritas, and swim in the crystal blue water. Most resorts are located right on the beach or near the water’s edge, so you can enjoy swimming at any time during your stay. Some even have their own private beaches! You may find that staying on or near the beach offers more privacy than other locations.

Finding a flight can be complicated, so let us do all that work for you. Here are a list of airlines that accommodate flights from Kansas City to Riviera Maya:

  • Frontier Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • United Airlines

Cheapest Flight and Hotel Packages from Kansas City to Riviera Maya

Flights and hotels are much cheaper when you buy them together as a package. You simply pick a destination from one side and then find the corresponding flight on the other side. When booking an all inclusive package deal, make sure it includes everything that you’ll want like food, drinks (including alcohol), entertainment options, transportation around town or within property boundaries if applicable etc.

The following offer a wide variety of hotel packages that include airfare, including luxury all inclusive resorts in Riviera Maya:

Funjet Vacations

Vacation Express



Hard Rock Hotels

VAX Vacation Access

Book your vacation packages today!

Kansas City to Mazatlan, Mexico Trip Tips

If you’re looking to book your next vacation, you should consider making your way down to Mazatlan, Mexico. Located in the heart of Sinaloa, this serene destination is perfect for a family getaway or a romantic escape. If you are traveling from Kansas City, Missouri and don’t know where to start when it comes time to plan your trip, we have put together some helpful tips that will make the process easier!

Flights from Kansas City to Mazatlan

As you plan your trip to Mazatlan from Kansas City, it is important that you find a departure time that will work best for both the travelers and airline. Travelers departing from any location other than an airport may need more flexibility with their schedule since they won’t have access to the same resources as those who are flying out of an airport. Departing at odd hours or on holidays can be costly due to higher ticket prices so make sure you consider this when booking flights.

From the moment you land at Mazatlan International Airport, it’s easy and affordable to get around town with taxis and buses that are always waiting outside. And if you don’t speak Spanish, no worries! The locals will be happy to help translate for you – they’re so friendly!

We know that planning a vacation can be stressful, so we want to make things easier on you. Click here to see the cheapest flights from Kansas City, MO to Mazatlan, MX.

Driving to Mazatlan from Kansas City

You might want to consider driving your car. It’s an idea that sounds crazy, but it could be a good option for you! Driving will save you money on gas, time spent in airports, and stress levels. Plus, there are plenty of scenic routes along the way that will make this trip memorable.

The average flight takes about 6 hours and a road trip can take up to 26h 40m non stop. No security lines or baggage fees when flying vs no traffic jams or parking hassles when driving – less anxiety because you know what’s coming next instead of waiting around not knowing what’s going on in an airport terminal.

Bus ride from Kansas City MO to Mazatlan

Bus ride from Kansas City, MO to Mazatlan can be the perfect way to get away. You can enjoy scenic views and see some of the country on your way down south.

Bus ride from Kansas City to Mazatlan can take up to 2 days 2h depending on the time of year. Buses are comfortable and with power outlets, and reclining seats. Bus drivers know all the scenic routes so you can enjoy your trip without worrying about getting lost or delayed. Plus, buses have Wi-Fi so you can stay connected with friends and family back home while on vacation. And they offer great amenities like free drinks and snacks on every trip. It’s never been easier to travel by bus!

Your Guide to Planning a Los Cabos Trip: What You Need to Know

Los Cabos is a beautiful destination for travelers in Kansas City. The weather is perfect year round, and there are many activities to do once you get there. In this blog post, we’ll provide some tips for making your trip worthwhile. Here are the things you need to know before booking your Los Cabos vacation:

Kansas City to Los Cabos Flights

Los Cabos is a beautiful destination in Mexico that offers many different activities for travelers. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or something in between, this area has it all! You’ll never be bored with the variety of things to do and see here. From exploring the natural beauty of the region’s beaches and mountains to tasting some delicious local cuisine, there are so many ways to spend your time here. And don’t forget about our tips on how best to enjoy your stay!

You’ll have an unforgettable experience like no other. We know you won’t regret it, so take the plunge and book your flight today!

Click this link now to purchase your ticket and see how much money you’ll save by booking early!

Los Cabos Mexican Restaurants

Los Cabos Mexican restaurants has been satisfying the appetites of locals and tourists alike for over 40 years with our fresh, authentic Mexican cuisine. Here are some Mexican restaurants in Los Cabos:

Metate Cabo



Serrano Wine Seafood and Grill

El Peregrino

Tips and Cheap Flights for Your Trip to Cozumel from Kansas City, MO

If you are planning a trip to Cozumel and live in Kansas City, Missouri, this is the blog post for you! You will find information about how to book your flights, where to stay on vacation and what spots you should see while there. Whether it’s just for a long weekend getaway or an entire week of sun and sand, we hope that our tips help make your travel plans easier.

Flights Kansas City to Cozumel, Mexico

If you’re looking for a new travel destination, Cozumel might be the place for you.

Cozumel is an island off of the coast of Mexico that has beautiful beaches and great diving opportunities. It’s also home to some amazing restaurants with authentic Mexican cuisine. You’ll never get bored on this tropical paradise! Read on to learn more about traveling to Cozumel!

The first thing you need to do when planning a trip is decide on your travel dates. You should also look into the best times of year for booking flights, as they can vary depending on how many people are traveling during that time period. There are certain seasons where prices will go up and down based on demand. For example, if Christmas falls within those months then ticket prices may be higher than usual because so many people want to take trips around this holiday season! If you’re flexible about the exact date or just looking for an affordable flight, consider flying mid-week instead of over a weekend. This way there’s less chance of meeting lots of other travelers at the airport.

Check out flights from Kansas City to Cozumel and find the perfect one for your needs. Some of the most popular airlines provide flights to Cozumel from Kansas City; Air France, American Airlines and United. The price difference is based on demand so that when more people are traveling during the same season or holiday period, ticket prices will increase. When looking for affordable fares, remember to compare them among different days in order to find the best deal!

Distance Kansas City to Cozumel Mexico

Flight distance from Kansas City to Cozumel (Kansas City International Airport – Cozumel International Airport) is 1374 miles / 2211 kilometers / 1194 nautical miles. Estimated flight time is 3 hours 6 minutes.

Airfare from Kansas City to Cozumel

Looking for a great deal on airfare from Kansas City to Cozumel?

Buying a flight can be complicated when you are looking for the best deal. There are many factors to consider like cost, travel time and availability of flights from Kansas City International Airport.

US Air has flights to Cozumel every day and their flights are affordable and offer great service. You’ll be able to explore the beautiful beaches and enjoy some of the most delicious food in Mexico.

Check this out to see the best deal for your flight from Kansas City to Cozumel.

Direct Flights from Kansas City to Cozumel, MX

With direct flights from Kansas City to Cozumel, you can spend less time traveling and more time relaxing on your beach chair. And if you want some adventure, there are plenty of activities like diving or snorkeling right off the shoreline. This tropical destination has something for everyone – including you!

Here are a list of Airlines that offer direct flights from Kansas City to Cozumel, Mexico:

American Airlines

Delta Air Lines

Frontier Airlines


United Airlines



Air Canada

Planning Your Trip to Acapulco

Planning a trip to Acapulco can be overwhelming. We share some top travel tips and spots you should visit during your stay in this blog post. Whether you are looking for hotels, flights or activities, we have you covered! In this blog post, we cover all the must-know details about planning a successful trip to Acapulco from Kansas City!

Kansas City to Acapulco Distance

There are best things to do while traveling in Acapulco. But first, know a lot about Acapulco before you go there, like how many miles would it be if you drove?

Kansas City to Acapulco distance is covered in detail in the next few paragraphs below. Learn more about how long it would take to drive there with nonstop driving time and total miles from Kansas City to Acapulco if you want your trip to be as seamless as possible. Plus read about some delicious restaurants here in Kansas city!

Kansas City to Acapulco drive

Nonstop drive: 1,903 miles or 3063 km

Driving time: 30 hours, 56 minutes

Acapulco Mexican Restaurants in Kansas City

Want to try some traditional, authentic Mexican dishes? There’s a wide variety for any type of palate. Discover the best and most authentic Mexican Restaurants in Kansas City. Here are the top 5 best restaurants on our list:

  1. The Corner Lalo’s Kitchen
  2. GG’s Barbacoa Cafe
  3. El Pollo Rey
  4. El Gallo Mexican Food
  5. Bonito Michoacan

Restaurant AT Acapulco Bay in Kansas City

Think of all the Mexican dishes you’ve never eaten before, and now imagine a restaurant that offers them. Check out this restaurants at Acapulco Bay in Kansas City for your next culinary adventure!

  • BellaVista
  • El Gran Recuerdo
  • Siboney Piano Bar
  • Acapulco Mexican Grill
  • Dos Reales Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Cancun Travel Guide: Planning Your Trip for Kansas City Residents

Planning a trip to Cancun? This blog post is for you! If you are looking to book your travel arrangements from Kansas City, Missouri, then this guide is for you. We will share some of the best tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years when it comes to booking trips. We also have information on how to find flights that are within your budget, all-inclusive stays where you can enjoy luxury accommodations and must see spots during your visit. You’ll be ready by the end of this post to pick out a date and book your Cancun vacation!

Kansas City to Cancun, Mexico

You don’t have to go far to take a vacation. Just head down south!

Cancun is the perfect option for your next getaway, and we’ll tell you why. There are tons of options of things to do in Cancun that will make your trip worth it. Let’s discover more about Cancun travel from Kansas City.

You can book a roundtrip from Kansas City to Cancun, Mexico. Book a round trip vacation to Mexico and get free flights, or any other destination. Spend less and travel more with our affordable prices

The flight time from Kansas City to Cancun is typically around 5 hours, depending on whether you have one stop or more. If you want to know the flight time from Kansas City to Cancun for your particular trip, we can tell you all about it in just a few minutes. Need a quick answer? Just ask!

Cancun to Kansas City Return Flight

Are you looking for cheap return flights from Kansas City to Cancun? With us, you save money so you can have more freedom to do the things you love. Don’t be fooled by companies that make it seem like they are giving you a good deal because they aren’t even cheaper than we are. There are flights available at prices lower than what other airlines charge. If there’s one thing you need, it’s a vacation. not just any trip but one that will leave you with memories and stories to last for years

Kansas City Cancun Flight Options

You can get a direct flight from Kansas City to Cancun. Get on board the flight to adventure– a direct trip south of the border. We’ll take care of all your travel needs.

Flights to Cancun from Kansas City differ in pricing depending on your preference. Direct flights from Kansas City to Cancun, Mexico tend to be more expensive than those flights with stops along the way. Airfare from Kansas City to Cancun also tends to be seasonal with better rates occurring during certain times of the year.

Flights from Kansas City to Cancun can be exciting and you’ll love the trip!

The airfare to Cancun from Kansas City differs depending on your preferences and airline. Plane tickets to Cancun from Kansas City typically start around $300 (with connections) and go from there. Direct flights from Cancun to Kansas City, however, typically start around $500.

Kansas City to Cancun Non Stop Flight Options

Direct flights from Kansas City to Cancun happen regularly and we can help you get the flight you need. Non stop flights from Kansas City to Cancun are our specialty, and we can also assist in arranging nonstop flights to Cancun from Kansas City. Go nonstop both ways!

Charter Flights from Kansas City to Cancun

Charter flights to anywhere in the world can be expensive. Charter flights to Cancun are not different. Sometimes charter flights will cost you about the same as a direct flight from Kansas City to Cancun. If your company or organization is willing and able, using one of these charter options can be worth it depending on how many people are in your group.

We work with great organizations that we know offer affordable rates for their travel services too!

What airlines fly to Cancun from Kansas City?

There are several airlines that fly to Cancun, including, Frontier, American, Funjet and Southwest Airlines. Frontier Airlines flies to Cancun from Kansas City International Airport.

Did you hear about the Frontier nonstop flights from Kansas City to Cancun? Their Cancun flights start at $149!

Funjet offers another great choice, with flights departing out of Lambert-St Louis Intl airport in Missouri and landing at the Cancun International Airport. You can also go Funjet Kansas City to Cancun!

What dates does American have direct flights from Kansas City to Cancun? Contact us and we’ll let you know!

One last tip: check Southwest Airlines Kansas City to Cancun rates and availability! Southwest Airlines is a good option for those looking to fly more budget-friendly.

What days of the week can I fly non stop from Kansas City to Cancun?

Depending on the time of year, the day of the week for flying non stop differs. During the peak travel season (spring and summer) you can only fly out on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.

You may be wondering- are there direct flights in October for flights from Kansas City to Cancun?

Yes, from time to time there are direct flights during all times of the year.

Kansas City Airport to Cancun, Mexico Packages

With new packages being added each week, you can expect cheap flights to Cancun from Kansas City. Packages are added regularly.

Kansas City residents have many options for booking flights to Cancun. If you are looking for a budget-friendly flight, we recommend checking out the deals for finding an inclusive package that includes your transportation and stay in Cancun. Take the time to research all of your options and find what works best for you!

Also, consider first class tickets from Kansas City to Cancun discounted rates available. You’ll also love considering the all inclusive with flights Kansas City to Cancun.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long to fly to Cancun from Kansas City, MO?

Approximately 5 hours with one stop.

When are direct flights from Kansas City to Cancun?

Direct flights occur throughout the year.

How do I know when direct flights are from Kansas City to Cancun?

You can contact to know more.

Spring has sprung in Kansas City

Howdy, good folks in KC! With the weather changing, we’re excited to report to you that it seems like Spring has arrived early this year.

I don’t know about you, but at our office, we have been anticipating the Spring for several weeks. Ever since the Chiefs Super Bowl Parade, our office can’t wait for warm weather to arrive and for more outdoor activities to be available.

We’re hopeful for an enjoyable series of weather patterns, however, we also realize the truth that life is unpredictable. That’s where protecting you and your family with insurance comes in handy. Feel free to contact us for more details.

But in the meantime, we are really excited for this year — it’s the start of the new decade! We’ve gone ahead with preparing our next corporate pictures by scheduling a date with the Kansas City professional photographers so that we can get our corporate photos this year.

Moving Forward

We’re going to get better at posting more updates on this blog, as we know many of you want to be in-the-know. It’s better to think ahead– that’s what we say, anyway! To assist in our regular updates on the site, we have hired a wonderful blogger named, Samantha! She will be our go-to to help source content, and keep you all updated regularly moving forward.

Have a great week ahead!